MAQ 2016 Challenge Quilts

Enjoy these pictures of our 2016 quilt challenge entries!

Each entrant donated a yard of fabric and then selected one of the fabrics to use in their quilt.

The winners were Darlene Parker (Best Workmanship and Best of Show), Norma McAfee (Best Representation of Theme), and Willy Jaffe (Best Use of Color)

J_2016_03_16-0090    J_2016_03_16-0103   J_2016_03_16-0092


J_2016_03_16-0091   J_2016_03_16-0096   J_2016_03_16-0097

J_2016_03_16-0094   J_2016_03_16-0100   J_2016_03_16-0101

J_2016_03_16-0099   J_2016_03_16-0106