MAQ 2020 Challenge Guidelines

MAQ CHALLENGE 2019 -2020 MONOCHROMATIC (Having…..only one color) 

Use one color in as many shades as you wish. (light blue, med blue, dark blue, etc.) 

Use as many neutrals (black, white, gray) as you wish. 

Brown, tan, beige etc are colors for the purpose of this challenge. 

You may embellish so long as you do not introduce another color. (Gold and silver are colors) 

Prints must have only your color plus neutrals. A print may be shaded from light to dark so long as it is all the one color. 

Must use enough of your color to be recognizable immediately.
May be any size larger than 20” x 20”. (large quilts may be folded for display) Must be quilted, finished, and labeled with your name and the name of the quilt. Quilts are due at or before the January meeting. No exceptions. 

June 2019 Meeting Photos

Bargello by Terry
Charity quilt by Barbara
Another one by Barbara
Norma’s Mystery Quilt
Patty’s machine embroidered quilt
Sheila’s Rose Gold baby quilt
Mary’s jungle print babycakes quilt